Imagination is more important than knowledge
A blog says more than 1000 pictures!
Due to the upcoming English exam I've decided that every thought escaping my mind must be in English, that way I can stamp that "English intuition" in, keeping my vocabulary even tighter. But back to the subject of this blog, my life and my precious time. Yesterday I went climbing (In the climbing house) with a friend of mine called Guðjón (pronounced [Ku:thjou:n] vaguely), after ripping the skin off my right palm (and thereby painting one wall over there red) I decided that climbing is dangerous but that wont stop me from practicing, I'm gonna climb my way to the top (Sounds cliché, it was done on purpose)! I've also just recently rediscovered the joy of bicycling, after pumping the wheels of my old bike I managed to travel 5 kilometers on a gravel road in just 10 minutes, isn't that remarkable and did I mention it was a gravel road? I also went to see a movie two days ago, first time in the cinema for months. The movie was called The Secret and was supposed to teach you how you can use your personal manifestation to achieve anything, well I appreciated the movie and recommend it if you're in the mood for it. Anyways, as how interesting the subject of my last blog is I decided not to talk about it now since I need to do further experiments on myself, I think it has started to kick in, finally.

Later skaters!
Anonymous Santa's Slutty Wife on the Side said...
Out of everything I could have done with this tab, pressed exit or keep it running and thereby underlining my obsession, I chose to read this.

Maybe I'll just hit back a few times and everything will be back to normal.

Anonymous Haffi said...
Allt bendir til þess að Alexander hafi skrifað þetta.

Anonymous Alexander said...
neg ég skrifaði þetta ekki :P

Anonymous Haffi said...
Ok núna er grunsemdarlistinn minn svona:

1. Valborg
2. Erlendur
3. Alexandra (samt varla)

Anonymous Vlabrog said...
Alltaf brúðarmeyjan en aldrei brúðurin...
Af hverju er ég samt alltaf grunuð um eitthvað svona ? Eða bara allt ?
Er ég bara svona ógeðslega grunsamleg týpa ?


Anonymous Haffi said...
Já Valborg þú ert mjög grunsamleg, ég bíð eftir deginum sem þú bankar uppá hjá mér með C4 innvortis (samt - ekki gera það :)).

Listinn hefur nú breyst í

1. Bjarni
2. Sigtryggur
3. Erlendur
4. Erlingur
5. Alexandra
6. Einar

Reyndar veit ég ekki af hverju hann ætti að segja wife, Sigtryggur eða Erlendur eru líklegri til þess.