Imagination is more important than knowledge
Skype í hnotskurn
kamihoney: hello can we b a chat friend
Ég: NO
kamihoney: y?
kamihoney: :)
Ég: How old are you?
kamihoney: 27
Ég: Ok, you have some serious issues
kamihoney: on which issue u want to chat?
Ég: The one where you get the f*** away
kamihoney: dont say like that?
Ég: f*** off
kamihoney: no
Ég: Are you retarded or something?
kamihoney: no i m alright
Ég: Ok, then you have some serious issues
kamihoney: ?
kamihoney: ask any think
Ég: Can you f*** off?
kamihoney: u like to abuse other
Ég: No
kamihoney: i like ruge peoples (hann meinar rude)
Ég: You are irritating me by talking shit to me about nothing and spending my time.
kamihoney: no
Ég: Don't you understand the statement?
kamihoney: u r spescial for me
kamihoney: r u illetrate?
kamihoney: :)
Ég: If I would be illiterate I wouldn't understand what you're saying so your question was without doubt incredibly stupid
Blogger Einarus said...
Skemmtilegast er að ganga í gegnum svona samtöl þegar maður stofnar til þeirra sjálfur...